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Repossessions services are offered by Integrated Recovery Solutions Corp. (IRSC) across all of British Columbia, from end to end, without exception. Whether it’s a car, truck, highway tractor, logging equipment or an air plane, we have the resources and experience to get it done right.

Over the past 18 years, we have performed countless repossessions for our clients everywhere from metro-Vancouver to remote fishing villages in the Haida Gwaii and as far north as Dease Lake, 19 hours from the closest city and north of Juneau, Alaska. We pride ourselves on being present in every major area throughout BC, and currently operate 9 corporate locations strategically placed across the Province to serve our clients.

Dealing with the professionals comes with benefits, and these are just a few:

  • Dedicated repossessions administrators. From assignment to seizure, transport to sale – our administrators’ only function is to coordinate all the details so you don’t have to.
  • Economies of scale. We move a lot of vehicles. Whether it is across the city or across the country, take advantage of our volume discount pricing with transportation and towing companies to reduce your cost, or use our corporate owned transport and towing solutions for even greater savings.
  • Large, interconnected staff. Our bailiffs are everywhere in BC, and this means you save. When our bailiff in Nanaimo learns that your asset is now in Prince George, our administrators can redeploy another local bailiff in that area in minutes, not days or weeks. This also reduces unnecessary travel and mileage costs.
  • We locate lost assets. Because we also own one of the largest skip tracing agencies in Canada, those resources are automatically deployed if there is any difficulty locating your secured assets. Suddenly those “Bailiff cannot locate security” messages you’ve been used to have now become “Tracer has located asset and bailiff on route to seize”. Now doesn’t that make your job a whole lot simpler?
  • State of the art digital security. We understand that as a lender, you have to abide by a lot of rules and regulations when it comes to data handling and security of information. Don’t allow all your IT budget to go to waste by dealing with a vendor that stores their information on a take-out napkin.

We invest in the latest in digital security and have the data handling policies to back them up. It has always been the priority of Integrated Recovery Solutions Corp. to take a proactive approach to our client relationships; to provide input and suggestions on potential improvements and process streamlining, and to truly listen to our clients, creating solutions to their needs. To this end, all client contracts are assigned a dedicated point of contact and senior relationship manager. Through daily communication, our primary point of contact ensures client directives are being followed, proper communication is occurring and that our client is satisfied with our results.

IRSC’s senior management frequently takes over the day to day communication to provide a sense of involvement at all levels within our organization. In person site visits at the clients headquarters with IRSC’s senior management take place regularly to ensure the level of service being provided exceeds expectations.


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