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Integrated Recovery Solutions Corp.

Integrated Recovery Solutions Corp. is a highly respected industry leader that offers a complete service solution for all your recovery needs.

Our Services

Integrated Recovery Solutions Corp. is a highly respected industry leader that offers a complete service solution for all your recovery needs.

Work with our offices throughout BC and associate across North America to locate and seize your security quickly and affordably.

Leverage the experience of our highly qualified collection staff to recover your debt without sacrificing.

We utilize “insider” resources and have an exceptional team. We’re proud of our 98% accuracy rate, so you can move forward quickly.

Tenant eviction, rent distress, or commercial security seizures; IRSC has the knowledge and experience to enforce your rights and remedies!

Court Bailiff Services

Our Court Services division (Integrated Civil Enforcement) works on behalf of Judgement Creditors and Landlords to enforce court orders and execute writs, Supported by our sales and remarketing team to help you realize maximum value 

Improving your bottom line. Get one of our experts to work with you to build an impressive strategy to keep your asset recovery in check.

We Know asset recovery is a serious business

At the root of our operations are core values that resonate with each and every one of us. Recovery with integrity. As innovators in this industry Integrated Recovery Solutions Corp. takes pride in exceptional service and excellence through efficiency.

When we started Integrated Recovery Solutions Corp., we saw an opportunity to create real change and elicit growth in an ageing industry. There are myriad other organizations out there who are more than happy to continue doing business the way they always have, and we could have been quite successful doing just that, but we wanted to be something different.

Integrated Recovery Solutions Corp. provides a full suite of services in the asset recovery industry, ranging from direct repossession to asset location services, real-time asset management systems, and online security agreements.

Building on a base of superior client servicing and the best support staff in the business, we at Integrated Recovery Solutions Corp. constantly seek to bring new and emerging technologies forward in practical applications that drive results.

Aaron robins | president

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I have always enjoyed dealing with IRSC. Aaron Robins is an innovator in the industry. The team always handles our work in at timely fashion.
I love dealing with their team. The staff are very friendly, respond in a timely manner and if there are any complications with any files, they 'think out the box' and get the work done.

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