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Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing – IRSC provides thorough locate services to a varying clientèle having to track down assets, lost clients, heirs, defendants, witnesses, and missing persons.

Our tracers, when conducting Skip Tracing, are aware of the need for accurate and up-to-date information and utilize our extensive resources and contacts to save you time and money. Integrated Recovery Solutions Corp. Bailiffs works persistently on skip tracing to find details and establish the whereabouts of the correct party or asset.

Over the course of 18 years Integrated Recovery Solutions Corp. have established ourselves as leaders in the business community.

In fact, IRSC has been known to shape the future of our industry through creative innovation, technology and hard work. With an integrated network throughout Canada, we’ve established strong relationships that makes us proud. Working with prestigious clients across Canada, from the most remote locations to the heart of every city center.

We have a track record of success with skip tracing and other solutions.

Recovery with Integrity. Leading with Innovation.

We will maximize your liquidation rates generate revenue on lost accounts with efficient accounts receivable management impeccable customer service.

Our collection agents specialize in locating and negotiating with debtors to create the best possible outcome for all parties involved.

Work with our offices throughout BC and associate across North America to locate and seize your security quickly and affordably.

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We utilize “insider” resources and have an exceptional team. We’re proud of our 98% accuracy rate, so you can move forward quickly.

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Tenant eviction, rent distress, or commercial security seizures; IRSC has the knowledge and experience to enforce your rights and remedies!

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Our Court Services division works on behalf of Judgement Creditors and Landlords to enforce court orders and execute writs, Supported by our sales and remarketing team to help you realize maximum value.

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Improving your bottom line. Get one of our experts to work with you to build an impressive strategy to keep your asset recovery in check.

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